V3-LCS mini new

Line Array Series - V3-LCS mini


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  • Two 1" neodymium planar wave drivers
  • One 8" mid range driver
  • One 10" ultra low distortion woofer
  • 90° horizontal coverage
  • Variable curving 0° to 10°
  • Outstanding SPL capacity at very low power compression
  • Highest output to size ratio
  • Highest output to weight ratio
  • Superior sound
  • In every speaker there is an option to be used specially selected according to T&S parameters FERROFLUID which benefits are:

  • Increased thermal power handling
    Reduced thermal power compression
    Smoothing of frequency response curve
    Reduced distortion
    Reduced warranty returns
    Increased production yields

     The presence of horns leads to an extremely high sound pressure, low distortions and an optimal sound dispersion.

     In order to achieve a flat wave in the mid-frequency and in the high-frequency spectrum we use one 8'' speaker and two 1'' drivers.

     The mid and high sections are loaded by a wave converter which transforms the spherical waves into cylindrical isophase waves.

     In this way the interference between them is reduced to minimum and as a result there is maximum concentration in mid- and high-frequency spectrum.

     An exceptional Hi-Fi sound with incredible sound pressure and phase characteristics is achieved.

     In combination with HL121, the system is a perfect choice for sports halls and stadiums.

    The loudspeaker shall be operated with a separate dedicated
    electronic controller.


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