I like a certain product, what is the price and how to order it?

The price is visible only when you are a registered user! You can create an account here.

I want to add one piece of a product only, why can't I?

The minimum order quantity is 2 units per product (with little exceptions when it is 4 units). The system will guide you.

Why the discount rate changes when I'm changing the amount of products in the cart?

The discount is based on the final price - the more it increases, the higher the percentage is (maximum 30%). The minimum price for activating the discount is 10,000 €. For orders over 100,000 €, please contact us.

I sometimes get "Bicolor (optional)" in my cart - what is it?

This field is shown only when you are ordering a product with combined colors (ex. black and red).

I placed an order - what's next?

Once the payment is made, the manufacturing process will begin.